Just sent an email meeting request to coach

Florida Class 3A High School Basketball Champions
Five days ago, Coach Williams (top left) and the WPS State Championship team and staff.


School has been back in session since Winter break for nearly two months. Our Son has yet to attend a track & field practice. The head coach is also an assistant basketball coach.

i’ve intentionally remained out of the situation with high hopes our teen could see this situation through to resolution.

Basketball season concluded last week with a first ever State Championship.

The track team has been practicing since January.

There is no field team, perhaps because there is no field coach.

This is from a school touting excellence as their DNA.

i remain patient and hopeful something nice will come from this delay.





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Asked Franz for Grace

Delta Rocket launch summer 2015
Last night’s Delta Rocket launch from our bedroom window.


Delta Rocket launch summer 2015
Last night’s Delta Rocket launch from my office window. Jack the bear, in the dark lower left.


After my 800 meter race yesterday at 9am, my next event (1500) wouldn’t be until tonight (yes, a day later) at 8pm. The relief of running one event pain free was satisfying enough to not need more races.

The heat advisory was well above normal. Not a fan of evening running. Plus the threat of late afternoon thunderstorms.

Quickly decided to pack it up and head back to Disney home.

But would the Marriott allow for an early check out?

Explained things to Franz at the front desk, who explained that i would be obligated for the charge whether i stayed or not.

Simply asked for some Grace.

It was granted in minutes.

Thank you Marriott.

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The Joy of Living

The Joy of Living is one of the most elusive of all endowments.

Why? Just watch a child and you’ll find your answer. Having a child (9-year old boy) in our home is a daily reminder.

We all, at least I do, need daily reminders of this simple fact, don’t we? Why? Because life is hard, especially in today’s challenging and uncertain world.

Every day is an opportunity to count our blessings. Anyone need a calculator?

And Furthermore

Building on yesterday’s jeff noel blog post…..

Blogging every day, and posting on the Internet for the world to see, adds an element of risk few people can comprehend.


Because anyone, and I do mean anyone, can “see what you think” – can “see what you value”.

There is also a saying in life, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Risk has it’s own rewards.

Are you determined to find out what they are? Carpe diem.