Falsely believed for 45 years

Prince of Wales Hotel
Arrived mid-morning. Crazy windy, cold day. Front view.


Prince of Wales Hotel lobby
The back windows provide stunning views.


Prince of Wales Hotel lobby
The first five minutes after arriving.


Prince of Wales Hotel outside
Howling cold wind out back.


Prince of Wales Hotel


Prince of Wales Hotel
The wind had nothing to stop it. The town of Waterton is on the right edge.


Had wanted to visit Prince of Wales Hotel since the first time i saw a photograph of it, maybe 45 years ago. Our day trip intervened future disappointment. I thought it was in the middle of nowhere much like Lake McDonald Lodge. While not in the middle of nowhere, it was not crowded. Cheryl spotted a bear 12 feet away as we pulled into the hotel.





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Only the mediocre are at their best everyday

jeff noel has said this for years in his bio, “Allergic to most pollens and mediocrity”.


There’s a common sense notion that we change nothing until we change ourselves.

Deep down inside, we know this.

But what if we fail?

Well, we surely fail if we do nothing or do it half-baked.

Here’s to you. Today is your day. Expect an opportunity where you normally wouldn’t.

Photo: Yesterday. Is Hugh MacLeod, Gapingvoid founder, quietly following Mid Life Celebration’s five daily blogs?

If he’s smart.

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Are we Boomers dreaming bigger, reaching higher, caring more and working harder than we’ve ever done? I feel like I am.

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