Love in an elevator

Universal Studios ariel view
Universal Studios ariel view.


Disney's Bay Lake ariel view
Disney’s Bay Lake ariel view. Space Mountain upper left. i can see my house too.


Literally exhausted from the forced bump from Delta One flight to Chile. Exhausted from the absence of an 8-hour, flat posture sleep. Instead, forced to sit in a seat with limited recline and unable to put my feet up – a dreadful sleeping experience.

In a brief elevator ride at the W Hotel after the Disney Keynote speech, i asked the other rider a simple question.

This led to a quick (yet alert) exchange as we only climbed two floors.

He remembered and Googled my name.

We connected on LinkedIn yesterday and he said this…

The way you said hello to me in the elevator was refreshing. I had no idea you were giving a conference in Chile. Kudos to you! When I see a person with enthusiasm, I value it. I left corporate America to reinvent myself and…

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Do you really want to take a vacation?

Orlando Eye
Orlando Eye, last night after dinner on International Drive. It’s 400 feet tall.


Orlando Eye
Orlando Eye


Do you really want to take a vacation away from what you love to do?

Few would say, “Yes”.


Vacations are such a “must have” part of (in first-world countries) people’s lives.

You know, get-aways.

Get away from what?

Get away from what you love to do?

There’s a realization, for me, that many of us aren’t doing what we absolutely love.

This is why we need an escape.


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i saw the pattern emerging yesterday

Flags at half-staff
This past week at Windermere Runners Club workout.


Orlando Pulse tragedy
Stumbled upon this last night.


i saw the pattern emerging yesterday.


One week in Orlando filled with three horrific tragedies.

It can’t be happening.

So i am pretending it didn’t.

Yesterday was the first time (and it happened several times yesterday) i caught myself saying it to others (non-Floridians) in response to their inquiry and condolences.




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Praying near Downtown Disney and praying near downtown Orlando

Home pressure washing


(photo above: Returned from yesterday’s run to find the house painting crew gearing up)


Amway Center


(photo above: The stress from work and high expectations can take a toll. It’s our responsibility to figure this out so we can thrive, not merely survive.)

Balance in all five of life’s big choices is abandoned because it’s too hard.

Stress management is often attacked with prayer. Prayer alone is not enough.


Because we are not just a spiritual, emotional creature.

We also move, think, work, and dwell.

When we carry one end of the stick we carry the other.

We cannot separate life’s (5) big choices.

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The Beauty In This Photo Is The Driver Survived

At a stoplight, grabbed my camera, and wondered if the owner recognized the beauty.

Not only did the driver survive, the car remained drivable. No idea how long ago the accident happened, but this driver pulled up beside me near Mall Of The Millenia.


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