We see things so often we rarely see them anymore

Orlando Eye
i see this iconic ‘Orlando Eye‘ so often i rarely see it.


Recently spoke to a person in the aging and senior adult field.

She said if a person won’t recognize a “problem”, then to that person, the problem doesn’t exist.

i found deep solace in this.

Nothing i say or do will help a Family member because the other person doesn’t, can’t, and won’t see what the rest of us easily see.

Take hoarding for example.

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i saw the pattern emerging yesterday

Flags at half-staff
This past week at Windermere Runners Club workout.


Orlando Pulse tragedy
Stumbled upon this last night.


i saw the pattern emerging yesterday.


One week in Orlando filled with three horrific tragedies.

It can’t be happening.

So i am pretending it didn’t.

Yesterday was the first time (and it happened several times yesterday) i caught myself saying it to others (non-Floridians) in response to their inquiry and condolences.




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We miss you Cooper

Stuffed Teddy Bear and Hedge Hog at Beach


One year ago today, on a Sunday at 6am, Cooper and i drove an hour to the 24-hour emergency vet near Sanibel Island we found using Google.

Twenty-four hours later, Cooper took his last breath.

On last week’s trip i took Jack the Bear and Cooper’s favorite, the Hedgehog.

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