Codependency is a real and dangerous enemy

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Vision and purpose have taken up a lot of space in my head the past few weeks. What is my vision for writing? What is your vision for what you do? What if you don’t have an answer?



It begins with the notion of carving out time to think.

Next, the act of putting thoughts on ‘paper’ (or a screen).

And finally, deciding whether to hit publish or not.

That said, we must remember…

The first ministry is at home.

Helping yourself process life’s challenges puts you in a better position to help others. Writing does this for me.

Warning: Codependency is a real and dangerous enemy.

It’s an issue i’ve dealt with, and continue to deal with, literally all my life.

Because i refuse to become co-dependent, i struggle with what appears to be a lack of concern. In reality, i’ve surrendered my inability to influence positive change.

i found this article helpful in explaining and understanding codependency basics. The article also helps you do a decent inventory of you and the person(s) in question.

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