This Scene Made Me Cry, Thinking About The Ramifications

While nirvana is right here, right now, hell is always lurking just in the shadows.

A big roadside crow made me slow the rental car, with no traffic in either direction, the tragic story unfolded quickly. An unsuspecting vehicle brought death to someone’s horse.

The human/animal bond is ancient, and strong as a steel cable.

Shuddered to picture the scene when the Family came home and that cable broke.

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While It Often Looks Peaceful, Country Living Is Anything But

Something about a quiet country setting that calms the nerves.

While it often looks serene, country living is anything but…

Wasn’t joking yesterday when I said nirvana is right here, right now. Take a few deep breaths, preferably outdoors, and it will come to you.

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Engulfed In Beauty Every Minute Of Every Day

Was it a coincidence in pulling over across from the Family harvesting their hay bales?

Being naturally curious…sure enough…

Most, if not all, things in life have meaning. I think we’re just too busy to notice or care.


Ultimately, nirvana is right here, right now, in this present moment.

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