Who provides glimpses of ‘well-done’ along our path?

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Mid Life Celebration is a fantastic book, said the 22-year old college graduate


Was walking the dog this morning after a five-mile run and a neighbor (Optometrist heading to work) pulled up and we had a brief ‘how have things been going’ chat.

She revealed her 22-year old daughter – a recent college graduate from UCF (University of Central Florida), said Mid Life Celebration was fantastic. The 50-year old Mom and business owner also said her Dad is now reading it.

God is good like this. Providing glimpses of ‘well-done’ along our path.

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Weekly update number 3 from Mid Life Celebration

Dear readers, confession time. I’ve developed a daily addiction to love of writing. Even without readers like yourselves, I’d write anyway. However, the fact that you visit makes everyday, well, Thanksgiving day. Thank you.

Can’t believe what started as a 100-day personal challenge to write in all five midlife celebration blogs (mind-body-spirit-work-home) every single day has continued now 44 months… 7,000 posts later.


Why Do We Stop Doing Things Because We Feel Embarrassed?

When you go into town for the big summer festival…(Orcas Island 1984)

No need to let others know you have no money for restaurants…

Or souvenirs…

When you leave the festival, take your memories, your smile, and a few flowers with you.

Maybe this is what we do at the end of life too.

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The Blog Whisperer Hopes You’re Catching The Underlying Message Here

All-time favorite: peanut butter, banana & honey sandwich. No refrigeration required.

And we always asked for a table with a view…a Ferry boat ride through Puget Sound…

In your best dreams, what does your life look like? What do you need to do now, so down the road, you’ll look back with fewer regrets.

That’s what I saw as a new husband. A future life filled with job and family responsibilities that would make leaving on a bike trip (with no return date and no specific route) seem irrational.

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