All authority, every victory, is Yours

All authority, every victory, is Yours…

Today, this morning, you’re busy. Scrambling to get ready, or frantically trying to get things done. Turn up the sound, click play, and just listen while you do what you have to do…

If you have a heart (and you do, a HUGE one), you will probably shed a tear of joy before this is over…

Live like you mean it. Today is a gift. You are the luckiest person on the planet.

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Can One Child Make Us Believe In World Peace?

This video stunned me…a young child singing a brilliant song her uncle composed. It’s 4:42 (sorry). All I can say is that it mesmerized me.

During life’s finest moments, I believe. Now the hard work to do that in the ordinary ones.

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PS. The video has been disabled…but I just clicked the link “to watch on You Tube” at it worked perfectly….mesmerizing.

Amazing Grace Happens

Amazing Grace happens all day, every day, if we only have eyes to see.

From my Houston, Texas hotel room, sipping a cup of Folgers, my sister’s Facebook update shared this 38 second You Tube clip. It’s easy to think being away for a week is a big deal. In the grand scheme, it’s not, and this soldier’s homecoming with his Dog is proof.

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