Embrace the struggle and do this too

May you never lose your fire.

Embrace the struggle and do this too.


In addition to embracing the challenges inherent with needing to stay continuously motivated, also welcome the results inherent in staying motivated.

The positive results compound exponetially over the decades. Be careful, so do the negative results.

Son, in 60 years, i have always experienced this – we reap what we sow.

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Can One Child Make Us Believe In World Peace?

This video stunned me…a young child singing a brilliant song her uncle composed. It’s 4:42 (sorry). All I can say is that it mesmerized me.

During life’s finest moments, I believe. Now the hard work to do that in the ordinary ones.

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PS. The video has been disabled…but I just clicked the link “to watch on You Tube” at it worked perfectly….mesmerizing.

What Will It Take?

When you’re waiting for the light to turn green, sitting in your vehicle, or on the bus, does your mind ever wander into crazy territory?

You think of something and you can’t recall where such a powerful thought was born.

Ann Rice recently denounced organized religion.

Her son is gay. Anne Rice is in conflict.

It occurred to me that she is committing the very sin she is opposing.

What will it take?