jeff noel Had A Mini Epiphany While Lectoring At Church On Sunday

No, seriously, we ARE here to change the world

The Catholic Church uses volunteers to conduct Mass. So jeff noel volunteers his public speaking experience, as a Catholic Lector. Typically, The Old Testament and The New Testament passages are read by laypeople and the Priest or Deacon reads The Gospel.

Baptized Lutheran and converted to Catholicism (1999 at age 40), jeff noel quickly saw the stereotypical (but well-intentioned) going-through-the-motions sound of a Lector who reads the way they’ve grown up listening. This led to a Sunday epiphany.

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What Will It Take?

When you’re waiting for the light to turn green, sitting in your vehicle, or on the bus, does your mind ever wander into crazy territory?

You think of something and you can’t recall where such a powerful thought was born.

Ann Rice recently denounced organized religion.

Her son is gay. Anne Rice is in conflict.

It occurred to me that she is committing the very sin she is opposing.

What will it take?

50 Days Later

Is Pentecost A Tool?
Is Pentecost A Tool?

You know who shapes the minds, bodies and spirits of children?

No, seriously, do you know?

You do!

It was 50 days after Jesus’ resurrection that the Holy Spirit descended upon them. Some say this is the day the Church was born. This morning, it’s my privilege to help several dozen youngsters understand this a little better than they did yesterday.

And 50 days from today, will it still be with them? What kind of pressure do you place on yourself to be a beacon for children?