We aren’t quitting, we’re switching

volunteering frustration
A word-for-word copy and paste (below) along with this photo.

Guy, first, thank you (and everyone in your organization) for all the good you do in our World. 

As i spoke with and thanked a volunteer loading boxes in our van, he gave me a business card. Didn’t ask for nor was i hoping for it. Serendipity?

The card provided an opportunity (email address) to offer first hand volunteer feedback in this email.

Little did i know two days ago, after 19 years of volunteering for Food deliveries every Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter mornings, i would feel frustrated enough to pitch in the towel.

By the way, one door closes and another opens – and we are looking forward to the next chapter in our volunteering lives (me, my wife and our son, 18). We aren’t quitting, we’re switching.

We had seven addresses. Three did not exist on the street and one Family said, “We told you guys on Thanksgiving to take our name off the list.” Another delivery car stopped us and had the same frustration.

For several years we have felt this same administrative frustration. We have food and the address of a needy (and hopeful) family, but the address doesn’t exist.

Also frustrated that there is no digital connection to the mothership. But the random business card has solved that.

Hope this email helps you find solutions.

Guy, this is not a complaint, it’s an opportunity. Hoping both our lives are blessed by the changes ahead of us.

Some photo notes…

(Note; what you don’t see here is that two photos, including the one at the top, were included in the email. Not sharing the second photo to preserve confidentiality)

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Our main job is to teach our children

2017 Food For Families Orlando deliveries
Yesterday, Easter Sunday.


2017 Food For Families Orlando deliveries
Surprised to see Disney taking a public role. First time since we started in 1999.


2017 Food For Families Orlando deliveries
The volume has gradually lowered over the years.


2017 Food For Families Orlando deliveries
When it started, we were at West Orange High School.


2017 Food For Families Orlando deliveries
Lots of volunteers to help load.


2017 Food For Families Orlando deliveries
We packed 30 boxes into our van. Looks like the van (pictured above) in front of us did the same.


2017 Food For Families Orlando deliveries
Most people didn’t answer their door.


2017 Food For Families Orlando deliveries
About 30% delivered at this point. He wasn’t born when we began the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter morning tradition.


Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from what you can.

Every little bit helps.


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This website is about our SPIRIT. To enjoy today’s post about our WORK, click here.


Why taking a break can look like loss of interest

Weber Grill tag cloud


(photo: Anyone can make any claim they want, and most will be assertive in their claims.)

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but do judge a book.

Back to Church this morning after a long absence at Sunday morning Mass. Have remained involved every week with Youth Ministry Sunday nights and PREP classes Tuesday nights.

But Sunday mornings have taken a hit since Summer. Travel, major life event (retirement) preparation, new business launch, vacation, etc.

Lector number one at 8:45am Mass. Hoping God’s words coming from a 55-year old sinner are better than ever.

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Dear Son, delivering Food for Families for the 13th year

Thanksgiving traditions
Thanksgiving Day 2012… a Thanksgiving Day tradition since 2000


food for families
a long line is a great sign… these are volunteers answering the call Thanksgiving morning


food for families 2012
impressive coordination between Bread of Life Ministries, Publix, and Ocoee High School


food for families 2012
just a portion of the 2,000+ boxes of food


food for families 2012
volunteers loading our van with big boxes of food


Food for Families 2012
stocked with food for five Families… time for the deliveries


Dear Son, delivering Food for Families for the 13th Thanksgiving Day in a row this morning. Yes, you’re 12, which means we started the tradition when you were three months old.

As you’ve grown, it seems this year may be the first day you look at this process with the realization that giving is receiving.

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Keep Touching Lives

Tales From The Road
Tales From The Road

Recently received an email from an occasional reader. It’s a random comment like this that makes the journey’s effort so worthwhile. What keeps you motivated to keep pushing forward?

“Hey Jeff, We met a couple of years ago in the Orlando airport. You were admiring my little netbook computer and we had a nice chat. I just wanted to let you know that I read your blogs from time to time, when I have time, and I enjoy your insights. I love this bit about the 1 to 10 scale and your son’s answer. You’re a lucky man to receive that sort of love. And I think your son is lucky too. Keep touching lives.”

If you blog, or pray, or exercise, or raise a family, or try to help others, don’t give up.

When you least expect it, something or someone will feed your soul. It’s God’s way of reminding you that life is hard, but also virtuous.