How will Covid19 impact Church?

Cinderella Castle
Sunday, March 16, 2020. Notice the old turret roof color compared to new?
Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa
Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. March 17, 2020. Yesterday, March 17. Bicycling through Walt Disney World.
Disney's Grand Floridian Orchestra
Disney’s Grand Floridian Orchestra has been permanently relocated to the old Guest Services Desk, just inside the resort’s front doors.
Disney's Grand Floridian Orchestra
Disney’s Grand Floridian Orchestra…with the Resort’s front doors on the left.
Disney Cast Members
L-R: me, John, Jim, Arlet, Joao (John).

How will Covid-19 impact Church?

Easter is 3.5 weeks away.

Will Covid-19 be contained enough for the return to normal public life?

Gonna go with “no”.

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Similarities between Facebook and the Church parking lot

Holy Water at Catholic Church
The Sun’s light or the Son’s light?


A tree does not grow overnight, but it does grow. Patience is key. And judgement has no place here.

Tomorrow, April 6, 2015 is Easter.

Yesterday was Good Friday.

And the predictable phenomenon of the flood of Facebook sentiments.

Church parking lots will no doubt overflow tomorrow.

It’d be great if this was sustainable the other 50 weeks (same thing happens at Christmas) of the year.



Until then, hurry up and don’t wait.

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Why taking a break can look like loss of interest

Weber Grill tag cloud


(photo: Anyone can make any claim they want, and most will be assertive in their claims.)

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but do judge a book.

Back to Church this morning after a long absence at Sunday morning Mass. Have remained involved every week with Youth Ministry Sunday nights and PREP classes Tuesday nights.

But Sunday mornings have taken a hit since Summer. Travel, major life event (retirement) preparation, new business launch, vacation, etc.

Lector number one at 8:45am Mass. Hoping God’s words coming from a 55-year old sinner are better than ever.

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