Dear Ms. Marisol Fitch

Disney Customer Service keynote speaker
January 2016.


Dear Ms. Marisol Fitch,

i probably shouldn’t be telling you this.

i have first hand experience in dealing with Florida Hospital.

And my personal findings over the past five years are staggering.

i’m convinced a 100-bed Florida Hospital facility would be a miracle in my community, Horizon West. Horizon West is a 23,000 acre planned development on Walt Disney World’s North and Northwest border.

It would be Horizon West’s first and only hospital.

It will serve an area of explosive and dense growth.

Having their hospital become a reality, well, it’s pretty easy to connect the dots or do the math as they say.

In layperson’s terms, “it’s a no-brainer”.


Here’s the part that’s staggering. As a recently retired 30-year Disney leadership veteran, including the final 15 years speaking to over one-million people and nearly 2,000 different organizations through Disney Institute, only one organization was able to accomplish a remarkable feat.

Florida Hospital.

In the five years i’ve been associated with Florida Hospital’s leadership and staff, which includes about 3,000 employees, hundreds of leaders and physicians during “Patient Care initiatives” at their downtown Orlando, Winter Park, and most recently Winter Garden facilities i witnessed something rare.

They are the only company where every single person in the organization can articulate the mission immediately and without hesitation.

Stunning, actually.

Verbally, publicly, and simultaneously (from dozens to hundreds at a time) speak their Mission without a moment of hesitation.

Normally when i ask an audience to do this all you can hear are crickets.


Embarrassing, deafening silence.

“To extend the healing ministry of Christ” doesn’t require you to be Christian, it only requires you to be filled with compassion.




Think of your personal job and the jobs of all the people in your organization. It’s literally impossible to get everyone the same page, no?

Not at Florida Hospital.

Living (since 1992) six miles south in Royal Ranch Estates, i cannot wait to feel the security of a “neighborhood”, world-class Hospital.


• • • • •

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After The Sunset Walk On Clearwater Beach, Florida, jeff noel Scoped Out His Meeting Place


Clearwater Beach, Florida 2011


One of Florida's top beach Resorts
Preaching the Gospel according to a famous cartoonist

After walking on the beach, enjoying the sunset, listening to the man preach for a few minutes, jeff noel walked back to his hotel room. As luck would have it, the meeting room for the next day was open as he passed by. Often, all we need for the door to open is to turn the knob and push.

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Wycliffe Associates Vision

Just So I'd Remember The Conversatio
Just So I'd Remember The Conversatio

How big is your vision? No seriously, how big?

We are so tempted to go through our daily motions, and never stretch ourselves in ways we are capable of, but are too afraid to try.

The people who overcome their fear, or at least who attempt to overcome their fear, are the ones who make significant progress in the big issues.

At Chick-fil-A several days ago, I met a foursome of retired Iowans, here in Orlando for the Winter. They work for Wycliffe Associates.

Wycliffe Associates wants to translate the Bible into every language known to man.

What if no one dreamt this big?

What if you don’t dream this big?

My big dream? To help raise enough money to find a cure for an incurable disease.

And yours?