Give Kids The World welcome sign
Last night.
Give Kids The World event with Lee Cockerell
One of the Keynote Speakers is in the background. Bought two VIP tickets so Chapin could hear Lee speak.
Give Kids The World event with Lee Cockerell
John and Rob aren’t Cast Members, but would love to be. They have 15 (7 & 8) children between them.
Give Kids The World event with Lee Cockerell
Front row, VIP (Very Individual Person) seats. Left, Jeff Barnes (also never a Cast Member) was a great moderator. He’s written the “The Wisdom of Walt” book series.


Give Kids The World.

It serves an incredible mission.

Don’t forget, parents with non-terminally ill children, you should be giving your kids the world too.

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Humble Servant

Disney Streetmosphere
Yesterday at Epcot. Muppets are servants. No?


Years ago, i took my (masterpiece?) 247-word vision-mission statement and rewrote it to one word.


Immediately, the thought of serving with selfish motives hit me.

So i immediately added a second word.


From 247 words to two.

Humble servant.

With one month from finishing a nine-year run of prolific blogging, and the reality of starting the 10th year…


Beyond anything i can put down in words.

Impossible comes to mind.

Yeah, this is simply impossible.

And yet, here we are.


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If you believe in hell

Keith Mitzel preacher


Remember those people from High School that chose a devilish path? They fell prey to a lack of purpose and without a morale compass they focused on pleasure – constantly.

Do you believe in hell?

Here’s an intriguing thought:

Let’s make a living out of destroying hell.

Love the hell out of someone. That was the gist of yesterday’s conversation with Keith (above) in Hawaii. Was best man at his wedding, a week after we graduated High School. His bride was pregnant. He learned decades later it wasn’t his child.

He’s a preacher now. A wretch who was saved. Now he’s paying it forward. In three days, he will reach the one year anniversary of the day he and his son Sam (27, and not the child from his first wife) were driving home and were struck head on by a drunk driver.

Keith was flown to ICU with multiple life-threatening injuries including 11 of 12 ribs broken.

Tragically, there was no saving Sam.

This is the tip of the iceberg for Keith.

Live like you mean it.

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Josiah Venture in five or six years?


(video: Young man’s testimony about Josiah Venture.)

Two weeks ago met a 24-year old WordPress Developer from Atlanta at the 2014 Orlando Word Camp. After several hours of his tutoring, we finished the day with personal conversation, which led to a revelation.

Jesus is the center of our lives.

He is waiting to hear about a six-month mission opportunity.

He started when he was in high school. College age is okay too.

Reached out to the organized in Slovakia, who agrees preparing in advance is an asset.

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