Every engagement has the same three objectives

Disney orlando Speakers
About 15 hours ago in Texas. The closing commitment exercise – 60 minutes to plant the seeds of personal and organizational vibrancy. Pictured here are some giveaways and some delivery notes.


Have fun, lean into discomfort, and .think .differently


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The time is now (and always has been)

Disney executive coach jeff noel
Took this yesterday and reflected on the temptation to back out of my decision to retire after 30 years.


The time is now (and always has been).

In 2009 i created a 10-year plan.

Six years in the making and commencing at age 49, i planned to retire from Disney at 55 (in 2014) after my 30th Disney anniversary.

Two years out (2012) i started questioning if the first four years of convincing myself this was a great decision, well, if it was still the right decision.

It would have been insanely easy to say no.


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Stop looking at the wrong thing

Reading for fourth Sunday of Lent
My assigned reading next Sunday.


i asked the 15-year old to get to know Jesus and stop focusing on the human imperfections in Christians.


Focus on the ideal, not the reality.


So you can focus your efforts and work hard on living a life that uses the ideal as the benchmark, not the reality.





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Written words are not the same as spoken

A father's reminder to be a great dad
The jar on the right will become empty on my 60th birthday.


What i’m specifically asking is have you given yourself a realistic end date to do everything in life you want to do? No one knows how long they’ll live and most live like it’s going to be forever – and thus perpetuate postponing the good stuff until life’s conditions (and choices) are better or easier. We may not get next week or next month. And i am not afraid of 60 (no male on my Dad’s side has lived past 60), but i have made 60 the deadline for putting a dent in the Universe. i began when i turned 50 – a decade (rather than “6-months to live”)…now there are 3.6 years remaining. i would have never left (retired at 55) Disney after 30 years had i not heard a ticking clock. i hope i live past 60, but i am not banking on it. So anything after 60 will be pure bonus time.

A deadline changes the way we look at fear and decisions.

Sorry, didn’t mean to be self-centered, but i thought that context might help you understand the question better. Not to see life in 10-year chucks, but to see life as if there are only 10 years left.




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