Asked Franz for Grace

Delta Rocket launch summer 2015
Last night’s Delta Rocket launch from our bedroom window.


Delta Rocket launch summer 2015
Last night’s Delta Rocket launch from my office window. Jack the bear, in the dark lower left.


After my 800 meter race yesterday at 9am, my next event (1500) wouldn’t be until tonight (yes, a day later) at 8pm. The relief of running one event pain free was satisfying enough to not need more races.

The heat advisory was well above normal. Not a fan of evening running. Plus the threat of late afternoon thunderstorms.

Quickly decided to pack it up and head back to Disney home.

But would the Marriott allow for an early check out?

Explained things to Franz at the front desk, who explained that i would be obligated for the charge whether i stayed or not.

Simply asked for some Grace.

It was granted in minutes.

Thank you Marriott.

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The Joy of Living

The Joy of Living is one of the most elusive of all endowments.

Why? Just watch a child and you’ll find your answer. Having a child (9-year old boy) in our home is a daily reminder.

We all, at least I do, need daily reminders of this simple fact, don’t we? Why? Because life is hard, especially in today’s challenging and uncertain world.

Every day is an opportunity to count our blessings. Anyone need a calculator?


Failing? Probably. It weighs heavy on my soul and heart. I’d really like to be a better:

  • Son
  • Brother
  • Nephew
  • Uncle

Yet after decades of learned behavior, there’s a struggle deep down inside that seems overwhelming.

Overwhelming, yes. Impossible, no.

The people involved in this are going to have to want this too. It takes two. This is not a one-sided challenge, nor a one-sided opportunity. Is it me, or is that ticking sound the clock?


Stuck? Sort of. A lot has happened this past week. Some incredibly awesome stuff. Some horrific stuff.

I work hard to focus on the positive side, without sacrificing what the horrible stuff is telling me.

Love and hate. Heaven and hell. God and the devil. Faith and unbelief. Mysteries and facts.

So what is surfacing as I type this (and I trusted something would), is that we all have a choice to make.

In fact we have lots of choices. Each day. All day. Everyday.

It takes practice and discipline to increase our “batting average”.

Make today a great day. Go in there swinging and keep your eye on the ball.