Search “Pages i like” to thin your Facebook feed

Facebook hacks
Social media overload is our own fault.


With the thinning of Facebook business Pages i “Like”, the noise i see after logging in is minimal, and only positive.

Remember when i unfriended 350 people a couple years ago?

The thinning of “friends” had nothing to do with our friendship validity and everything to do with my sanity to keep up.

i couldn’t keep up, so i stopped trying.

It’s been wonderful for my spirit.


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Please Keep Me Humble

Good Thursday morning everyone. Thank you for following jeff Of the five blogs I write everyday, jeff has the most opportunity for improvement. Why? It’s a mystery at the moment.

The reason for asking to remain humble is this. Just yesterday, in real time – not some made up story – I received two updates:

  1. A friend celebrated his 100th blog post
  2. Another friend celebrated his 1st blog post

One friend posts six days per week (26 per month). The other friend has set a goal to post once per month.

Here’s the crazy part. I post 150+ per month.

Quantity versus quality. It’s not a competition. More isn’t always better. So why so many?

Simply this. I am driven. Driven to serve (and I’m fairly inadequate at it). The Internet is my soapbox. God’s message of Faith, Hope, Love, Peace and Joy is the purpose. Are ya with me?

The Joy of Living

The Joy of Living is one of the most elusive of all endowments.

Why? Just watch a child and you’ll find your answer. Having a child (9-year old boy) in our home is a daily reminder.

We all, at least I do, need daily reminders of this simple fact, don’t we? Why? Because life is hard, especially in today’s challenging and uncertain world.

Every day is an opportunity to count our blessings. Anyone need a calculator?

Can A Haircut Be “Spiritual”?

Got a haircut at Sport Clips yesterday. For 30 years my wife has cut my hair, since we first met at West Chester University. During those college years, she only needed to do it twice a year.

In today’s corporate world, it’s at least once a month. Our lives are like most working families. Fast-paced. Busy. Hectic. Becky, the store manager, and Andrea my stylist, were exceptional.

Andrea and I used to work together at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa as Concierge Cast Members. Becky and I had met at a conference earlier in the year. Small World after all, eh?

They made me feel like a rock star. Isn’t that what great businesses do?

About a month ago, at my last visit, Joy cut my hair. I wrote a blog post about the experience. Becky spoke about that post and the impact it had.

Funny thing, everyday, I think I’m just writing simple blog posts. And everyday, they think they’re simply giving haircuts. Maybe, in both cases, it’s actually much more to the customer than we think.

I Don’t Know How to Start

A lifetime of learned behaviors. Life is hard. And mostly difficult. And busy. And distracting.

Some days, maybe while watching a movie or TV show, we see a Family that seems to have it all together and wonder why we can’t live like that.

It’s a movie, okay? It’s not real. Yet perhaps there’s some compromise between what’s portrayed in books and movies, and what is our current reality.

Maybe. maybe not.

I’d like to find out.

Carpe diem, jeff 🙂