Bucket List Of Sorts

Sundays in August. Church. Rest. Counting blessings and giving thanks. Plus, jeff noel You Tube videos.

Here’s a short video from last year’s bucket list trip to Finland. As a child, I dreamt of representing the United States in the Olympic Games.

There were 5,300 Master’s athletes from 80 different countries.

This was my first day down at the Track & Field Stadium, and already there was a medal ceremony.

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Very Interesting Breakfast

Just had breakfast at the Sokos Hotel, here in Lahti, Finland with a fellow Team USA member.

We’ve enjoyed each other’s company the past couple days, and have quite a bit in common. We are even in the same age group. In Master’s track, that’s like a bonus.

Our conversation made me think, “Do I start every day on my knees because of obligation or guilt?”

It took a split second for the answer, “Those reasons never crossed my mind. Ever”.

The reason for doing it is simple.

It is a symbolic habit.

Symbols help provide a frame work from which we can trigger important things in our thoughts, and be better prepared to act on our thoughts.

Thinking good thoughts is not enough for me. Action is what is required.

Always has been, always will be. At least in my world. Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

What’s Big in Finland?

What’s big in Finland? Skiing. Seriously big. Like, they held the 2001 Skiing World Championships here. Other years as well, but most recently the year our son turned one.

Lahti, Finland Ski Jumps
Lahti, Finland Ski Jumps

So many new and good things coming my way. Will try to share as much as possible. Tomorrow is race day. Stay tuned at www.Lane8.org . Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂