Is it a sin to prosper?

Home on Lake Mabel near Walt Disney World
Last night.


It is not a sin to prosper.

Whether prosperity is in mental strength, physical strength, spiritual strength, financial strength or personal home strength, it doesn’t matter.

And what about prospering in all five?

The home above is massive. It will have unobstructed views of Magic Kingdom and Epcot fireworks for eternity.

The owners of this expansive 10-acre lake front compound own, among many things, Harvest Church and The Holy Land Experience.

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Everyone has more than enough hell to deal with

Windermere Community Church


(photo: Most days the run passes this sign twice… going and coming back)

You’re joking right? Oh my gosh!

Neighbor said the Pastor was seeing another woman from the Church but that he and his wife were overcoming the infidelity.

Sadly, a drunk driver crossed over the line and hit him and his wife head on. She didn’t make it.

Ok, so the Pastor, the leader of the flock, is in a deep dark hole.

Who helps him?

And what happened in the first place?

Be kind to everyone. Everyone has a hell no one else knows about.

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Back To Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods.

Does he deserve forgiveness? Will you, if you haven’t, forgive him?

Or is he unforgivable? The lying, cheating, dirty, no good scum of the earth. Is that it?

Tempting isn’t it? Difficult, isn’t it? Will we find it impossible?

All things are possible for him who trusts in the Lord. Is that a figment of my imagination, or did I read or hear about this somewhere?

Okay, so here’s my final answer, and it comes straight from Jesus’ mouth, “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.”