Doctor recommended or Pastor recommended?

Quote on forgiveness
From Foundation Academy High School tour a few days ago.


Father Ennis’s Sunday Homily was inspired by a Thomas Merton book, The Seven Storey Mountain. Googled it and read the Amazon book info.

There was an excerpt that captivated me.


Because if i was smart enough to come up with it, i’d share it and try to convince you to get a copy of my book.

I seek to speak to you, in some way, as your own self. Who can tell what this may mean? I myself do not know, but if you listen, things will be said that are perhaps not written in this book. And this will be due not to me but to the One who lives and speaks in both. – Thomas Merton, The Seven Storey Mountain

Book sales profits are so tiny, it’s literally not worth the effort.

But having you have a copy is worth the effort.

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If you worked together again, would he write his recommendation like this?

jeff noel endorsement
‘Probably’, can be misconstrued (so leave no doubt next time)


Haven’t worked with Paul in a long, long time. A boss at one time and one of the funniest, and most skilled presenters ever. Nothing he can not do in front of an audience. He brings the house down with his bag pipe playing. Phenomenal.

If we worked together now, he would write his recommendation like this:

Absolutely the most honest and ethical person I’ve ever worked with. Period.


Time changes us. It either propels us forward, keeps us on hold, or overwhelms and crushes us.

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