We lost a friend, colleague, coach and teacher over the weekend

Epcot water bridge
Little did i know yesterday morning during a run that this photo would be a symbol of hope. It’s speculated we pass through some sort of light on our way to the afterlife.


We lost a friend, colleague, football coach and art teacher over the weekend. He was in his 40’s with no warning signs. He leaves behind his wife and 10th-grade daughter.

At 16, our Son has reached a stage in life were these realities are starting to catch his attention.

Someone who “shouldn’t have” died, died for no apparent reason and without any warning.

Not fair.


The school counsellors shared this resource via email last night.

The stages of grief that you may see in your child are:

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

Please go here for more details about these stages and what to expect.

It is a solemn reminder of life’s fragile nature.

May Brad Ramsey’s Family find enough comfort and peace surrounding them to heal their broken hearts.


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Could two simple words be the catalyst for personal transformation?



(photo: jeffnoel.com logo… yes, there’s a story, a story about how Mid Life Celebration began in 1979)

Praying that humility guides today’s activities.

Praying for the same thing tomorrow and the day after that too.

And service.

Let’s not forget to be a humble servant.

Humble servant.

Two words.

Could they be the catalyst for personal transformation?

(ever wonder if satisfaction is dangerous?)

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You’re just a teacher, he said

This man was “just a teacher” also…


The veteran, consultant, business owner, he called me a teacher, “You’re just a teacher”.

No harm intended by him, clearly.

“Just a teacher”, I thought. Hmmm…. “And a counselor, a light, a shepherd, healer…”


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