Disney creativity has no choice but to flourish

Disney Keynote Speaker
By the time (noon) i got to setting up the trophies on the desk (client request) the lighting wasn’t great.
Disney Keynote Speaker
Got creative to adjust the light and background. Pushed the desk away from the office window and climbed onto the porch roof and shot the photo looking in from the open office window.
Disney Keynote Speaker
Zooming in a bit, from outside on the porch roof.

Disney creativity has no choice but to flourish.

The best kept secret about Disney creativity is our over-focusing on collaboration.

We involve people in ways that would make outsider’s heads spin.

It reminds me how in yesterday’s stories, what was really happening subconsciously with me, is i was involving the event owner in a creative solution.

The easy answer was, “No, if you record anything, i can’t speak.”

But i spent days trying to NOT use the easy answer because i thought together we could “dream, create, and inspire” something remarkable.

Son, you’ve suggested i give others too much benefit of the doubt. Yes, it’s a Disney trait. When you always behave this way, you never have to look back and regret that you weren’t fair and patient enough.

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