Do you have Faith?

There are “two things” i want them to remember if they don’t remember anything else.
First team to arrive.
The organizer didn’t know i travel with chalk, but i know, so it was an incredible surprise when she gave me a box of chalk.
There was an opportunity to share my camera. The next few photos came from this.
Fun. And hot and humid.
In running shorts and a tee-shirt, i thought i’d be done by 8am when registration starts. Didn’t happen.
Surprise! Security asked me to remove all 20 messages.
Mary, Mary, and Abby helped remove.
The two cloth towels security provided allowed me to do the lion’s share, however, the moral support fueled my cleaning enthusiasm.

Do you have Faith?

Seven months ago i ended a 20-year streak using presentation slides in 2,000 speeches.

To create a safety net, i choose an intimate group of 40 to speak for the first time without slides. Created a second layer of safety net by preparing six flipcharts to use as visuals.

It went great.

Little did i know four months later, in the most important speech of my life (TEDx Talk), i would take the risk to use zero slides as i was recorded for YouTube for the first time.

Then yesterday, what a joy – no slides for the third time ever.

Long ago while speaking at Disney Institute, i had a premonition that going slide-less would free a speaker to be an artist.

Turns out, after yesterday (and the TEDx Talk), this appears to be true.

The Faith it took to go slide-less yesterday was minimal compared to the TEDx Talk. And now i have Faith to keep moving forward without slides.

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