Everything speaks

The sliver of light was eye-catching, as i soaked my feet in Lake McDonald while sitting on a comfy deck chair. 
The sliver of light morphed and danced around Mt. Stanton.
The sliver of light migrated to Mt Vaught. 
Nature’s audio visual lighting team.
Mt. Cannon to the right of the previous photos. 

Looking straight across the lake again. 
Gazing right, the Garden Wall and the left side of Mt. Cannon as well as our neighbor’s dock. 

Quite the camera lens on the iPhone 10S Max. Garden Wall closeup. 

Son, actions speak louder than words. 

So do inactions. 

Making your bed every day sends a message about what you value. 

Not making your bed every day sends a message too. 

Everything speaks. 

It works for Disney. 

Son, as a work in progress, i’m improving my batting average with each passing year. Consider a similar plan of action for yourself. 

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