Is it worth it?

Jody Maberry and jeff noel
Let’s “work”.
Grinnell Glacier
Our office view to the left.
Glacier Park mountains
Our office view to the right.
Jody Maberry
Jody is almost ready to begin recording.
Mountain goats
We were the only two on the mountain office until our three trail friends arrived.
Pixar Inside Out figurines in mountain setting
Emotions at a place like this run wild.
Pixar Onward figurines in mountain setting
Time-stamping 2020.
Jody Maberry and jeff noel
Big Horn Sheep resting on mountainside
Gatekeeper on the descent. Look closely. A Big Horn Ram.
Jody Maberry in mountains
The descent was bathed in sunlight. The man, the myth, the legend – Jody Maberry. Granite HQ faintly visible middle right.

Personal vibrancy is worth all the effort to get there, stay there, and continuously improve. Trust me.


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