Sowing Seeds

From A Tiny Acorn, A Mighty Oak Does Grow
From A Tiny Acorn, A Mighty Oak Does Grow

It matters little to walk to do the preaching if not the walking is the preaching. In this note from Patty, we are not only preaching as we walk, but we are also sowing.

Take it away Patty…

Sowing Seeds, by my friend, Patty Hebert:

A local religious educator told me her objective is not to press out cookie cutter nuns and priests from her students, but to gently sow small seeds of Christ’s love into the folds of their lives. Can you picture that? The teacher, the gardener, teaching, tending to her students, His gardens. Quietly erecting a spiritual infrastructure for both opportunities and hardship, alike. A faith formed scaffolding to support them, and to rest upon.

Imagine if we were all sowers of seeds; one small seed at a time. Imagine what our world would be like if we took the hand of Jesus. Our lives and the lives of those gardens about us would never be the same.

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