What happened at Church?

church sermon opening slide
Irony. The parable of the dishonest manager. Saturday’s wedding reception, where Cheryl and i felt the DJ music’s bass, heard the DJ’s voice and music in our home – while watching the Men’s Olympic Curling final between Sweden and Britain.

What happened at Church?

Didn’t bring up yesterday’s wedding reception’s obscene noise volume.

Chuck rushes – literally rushes out to parking lot – to drive to deliver his third sermon of the day. He does this every Sunday. Without fail.

Didn’t speak with Russ either.

Will likely send email asking the question: What have you instructed your events team to do with regard to noise levels?

Will email Russ a request to meet in person. It will be appropriate after meeting with Russ to update Chuck on the February 19 wedding reception and subsequent talk with Russ.


Special addition to this post: Weeks have passed since writing everything you just read. Now, weeks later, here is where it stands…

Note/update: As the weeks passed by from writing this post, decided to not address the outdoor wedding reception’s heinous noise pollution. Fast forward, met with Russ, made the offer to provide (free) professional development to him and his leadership team. He is receptive and interested. Turns out he is a Disney fan. And a runner. As we walked out of his conference room, he asked about the noise. i described it honestly. And told him i surrender to him and his team doing the right thing. i can no longer be emotionally engaged in worrying if the Church will do what i think is the neighborly thing to do.

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