Wildly successful Church

Disney Keynote Speaker Jeff Noel
Black and white. You’re either a wild thinker and doer, or you’re not.

Wildly successful Church.

How cool is it when it happens?

Could i play an invisible, yet catalytic role in helping humanity .think .differently about everything?

Bold, heretical belief that i provide an option that doesn’t exist without me.

Meek, uninspired people never move humanity to a better place.

Only the crazy ones.

The outliers.

The misfits.

The ones crazy enough to think they can do something everyone considers impossible.

i get it.

It ain’t for everyone.

Why did God (the Universe, karma, the light, etc) provide such a unique life path to someone who had to bicycle 36 roundtrip miles a day to work at Disney? The same guy, newly married, living in a roach-infested dingy apartment complex, who didn’t own a single piece of furniture, let alone an old car.

To be able to walk or bicycle next door to this Church – to Dream, Create, and Inspire – this is a potential blessing.

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