Do You Believe In Being Used?

Continually Improving
Continually Improving

The Lord has been known to use people to help spread his message, to help those less fortunate, to spread love where there is hate, to comfort the broken-hearted.

Do you ever feel like he is using you? This was difficult for me to comprehend until He started, noticeably, transforming my life. He put the opportunity in front of me to become a public speaker, in 1998.

It was neither an opportunity sought, nor wanted.

But it was, indeed, an opportunity.

A huge opportunity. A once in a lifetime opportunity.

And it created in me a confidence I’d never known.

And provided an education money could never buy.

To teach is to learn twice.

To teach, and to write, is to learn thrice.

And in the past three months, I humbly submit to you the growing fruits of this labor.

Three-quarters of a million hits

How? Why? Where?

I suspect divine providence.

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