Courage or comfort, not both

Taking a few Disney toys and a pin to Kuwait (7k miles from home) is easy and scalable on every trip, everywhere.

Brene Brown is a thought leader.

She says that you must choose between courage or comfort, you can’t have both.

She’s smart, no doubt.

Yes and, going to respectfully disagree with the statement.


While not an intellectual, at 60, coupled with deep and broad Disney experience and especially the Disney Institute leadership expertise, i’ll go up against anyone on personal and organizational vibrancy.

Any. One.

Any. Where.

Any. Time.

Why disagree with Brene’s claim?

Because i have both courage and comfort.

At 60, this is a reality.

So how can i be wrong?

Perhaps what Brene implies is that she cannot have both.

Then, what she says is worth wondering why she doesn’t have courage and comfort and why i do.

Not gifted, and as (formerly) insecure as the next person, yet my life’s work has put me in this position to speak authoritatively.

Weird to say it, but at the end of the day, how is what i have to say anything but true?

The beauty of 60 is that i believe we are both right.

Also at 60, i am certain that we, meaning anyone, believe what we want to believe.

If i were you, i’d believe better choices are available.

For example, courage and comfort.

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Three ways to lean into discomfort

Nine months before Rosa Parks, 15-year old Claudette went to jail for not giving up her bus seat, which was the comfortable practice so white bus riders always had a seat. (It’s sickening to imagine our Country was this way and white people were comfortable with it.)

Three ways to lean into discomfort:

  1. You are forced to
  2. Someone helps you
  3. You self-initiate

Comfort equals stagnation.

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Does God care what denomination?

Windermere Baptist Church
Yesterday morning at 9:45am service.


What should we do when we love something yet it may be silently overwhelming us, or at the very least, it holds us back from our full potential because of the travel time required?

What if we could slay the travel time excuse and create a remarkable opportunity?

There’s a Church adjacent to our subdivision. It’s a three-minute drive, two minutes of which are required to exit our driveway and get to the main highway. It’s literally a minute away.

Our current Church is 20 minutes away and we have loved being a part of that community since 1999. i hate the thought of leaving.

i love the thought of being a minute away and the possibilities proximity holds.




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Do You Believe In Being Used?

Continually Improving
Continually Improving

The Lord has been known to use people to help spread his message, to help those less fortunate, to spread love where there is hate, to comfort the broken-hearted.

Do you ever feel like he is using you? This was difficult for me to comprehend until He started, noticeably, transforming my life. He put the opportunity in front of me to become a public speaker, in 1998.

It was neither an opportunity sought, nor wanted.

But it was, indeed, an opportunity.

A huge opportunity. A once in a lifetime opportunity.

And it created in me a confidence I’d never known.

And provided an education money could never buy.

To teach is to learn twice.

To teach, and to write, is to learn thrice.

And in the past three months, I humbly submit to you the growing fruits of this labor.

Three-quarters of a million hits

How? Why? Where?

I suspect divine providence.

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