God’s Holy Word

One Microphone, One Thousand Parishioners
One Microphone, One Thousand Parishioners

We have teachable moments all the time. Most of them pass by too quickly to be noticed.

A decade ago, I volunteered to become a Church Lector, figuring my new role as a Professional Speaker would add value to the Church.

A year or so into it, we had a formal training class and one of the volunteers got up and made a statement that I’ll never forget.

“You may think you are simply doing a reading, but you are actually proclaiming God’s Holy Word. This may be the only scripture much of our congregation gets all week.”

Rather than judge others, I’ve promised God to do the best with the 60 – 90 seconds He gives me once or twice a month.

At 8:45AM Mass this morning, I hope it’s God’s voice they hear and not mine.

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