Is this man unbalanced?

90 minutes earlier, we walked past this man and I wondered what he did, and why
reality blogging
real life in real time…
mission work
man on a mission? (the one sitting or the photographer?)
preaching in the street
a bull horn, a Bible, a radio, and a plastic milk crate
the past
looking back is part of life, the past is a great teacher

Is this man unbalanced? He’s been preaching on this very corner for 12 years, and 30 years total in the French Quarter. Awesome right? And isn’t our body a temple? On a quick, honest glance, does it look like he honors that? Just asking. Greatness in one choice at the expense of another would be like an Olympic athlete, spiritually bankrupt.

His name is Keith and we spoke for a about a minute, while a friend waited patiently – we were on a time schedule.

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