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Apple Watch personal setup
Technology is getting exponentially easier to use, like yesterday’s Apple Watch online personal setup session.


This is a little riff about being prepared before you ask for a life changing huge favor:

It’s been her project for the past 15 years. Her baby. The thing she has dreamt about and believes will make a difference in teaching Baby Boomers how to fearlessly navigate and use technology.

i agreed to talk with her, and generously committed to an hour. About 20 minutes in, a hidden agenda was discovered that was awkward because it blindsided me. It was uncomfortable.

She wanted me to be her ‘pitch’ man. Me.

She admitted that her book desperately needs to be updated. A contradiction to her commitment.

The premise before the call was to share advice, not become an ’employee’.

The call went ten minutes longer than scheduled, but i still had enough time to click on the email link Apple sent (after i easily scheduled an appointment) so that i could enjoy a 45-minute personal online tutorial.

Good luck to anyone trying to compete with Apple.

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