What is a Father’s responsibility with Nature Deficit Disorder?

Nature deficit disorder and the prediction that today’s children have a life expectancy five years less than their parents… this would be a good time to think about solutions. Not perfect ones, but better than not doing anything…

What is a Father's responsibility?
What is a Father’s responsibility?
Overcoming Nature Deficit Disorder
Overcoming Nature Deficit Disorder

Sure, it would be great if there was no controversy over Boy Scouts and acceptance. It would be great if there was no controversy over anything. Like that is ever gonna happen. Go. Take a stand. Do your best. To do your duty. To God and your Country.

And learn how to make a fire to keep yourself alive, using only one match. There can be no mistakes. If the fire doesn’t start, you’ll never see daylight.

What happens when daylight does come, and the economy starts humming along again. It seems far too many of us aren’t spending our time now doing this?

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