He said the people that don’t ask don’t care

Beautiful Windermere, Florida front yard flower garden
A beautifully and inviting front yard doe not mean the owner isn’t dying inside


He said, the people that don’t ask how’s he’s doing don’t care. Pausing for a moment in our time together yesterday, I asked myself the obvious question, “Is he correct?”

The answer sounded like this:

  • that sounds like a close-minded statement
  • maybe he’s right
  • maybe he’s wrong
  • is he feeling sorry for himself?
  • does he have any idea countless others have it worse?
  • does he have any idea how deep and broad my pain is?

In conclusion, everyone is fighting a tough battle. Some feel like victims, and some feel compelled to feel thankful.

We typically grow weary of others who predictably suck our energy and rarely re-inflate it.

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