To complain is to fail

Victor Frankl quote
Photo from a friend’s Facebook update. Frankl was in a Nazi Concentration Camp.


Dear runner with lofty dreams, very sorry to hear about the recent injury (still undiagnosed) that has prevented you from maximizing your training in the final month leading up to the 2015 Masters Track & Field National Championships.

Here’s God’s advice:

Get over it.

To complain is to fail.

Count your blessings.

There are many.

By the time you finish thinking about all of them, your injury will be healed and there will be another race to run.

You’re welcome.

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He said the people that don’t ask don’t care

Beautiful Windermere, Florida front yard flower garden
A beautifully and inviting front yard doe not mean the owner isn’t dying inside


He said, the people that don’t ask how’s he’s doing don’t care. Pausing for a moment in our time together yesterday, I asked myself the obvious question, “Is he correct?”

The answer sounded like this:

  • that sounds like a close-minded statement
  • maybe he’s right
  • maybe he’s wrong
  • is he feeling sorry for himself?
  • does he have any idea countless others have it worse?
  • does he have any idea how deep and broad my pain is?

In conclusion, everyone is fighting a tough battle. Some feel like victims, and some feel compelled to feel thankful.

We typically grow weary of others who predictably suck our energy and rarely re-inflate it.

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