Not even close

palm tree in the woods
iPhone 14 pro max zoomed in. Excellent zoom across the street, from my office.
palm tree in the woods
iPhone 15 pro max zoomed in. Not the same. Not even close.

If God isn’t real, i still believe. Humanity needs a counter weight to ‘eat or be eaten’.


The older i get – which is a lame way of saying ‘the wiser i get’ – the more i comprehend Earth’s insignificance, in the big picture.

Earth is ridiculously small.

Absolutely insignificant in the Cosmos.

And yet…

And yet Earth is the only significant object in our life.

Earth is our home.

It’s small.

We are small.

Yet we are all we know.

God is such a wonderful and comforting concept.

To me, it’s worth being all in on the concept that there’s an all-knowing and ever-loving God.

This belief, even if it’s an hallucination, is how i sleep well at night. It’s also the only thing i can lean on to have peace in knowing that today, or tomorrow, might be my last day before being eaten.

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