We grab for what is always there, but we always let go. Why? Sandy Hook

Why did Sandy Hook happen? My first thoughts. My second thoughts. Here are my third thoughts. I have yet to watch, listen, or read any Sandy Hook news. It’s been eight days since December 14, 2012. Here’s where I’m at:

The parents, relatives, friends, staff, neighbors – anyone who personally knew those 26 precious lives. What happened? Why?

And what did it do to us individually? As small town communities? As a nation? As a global family?

And what will become, if anything, of this?

West Side Middle School. Thurston High School. Columbine. Oklahoma City bombing.

My friend’s teenage Son, while sitting on his back porch pulled a pistol’s trigger as it was pressed against his temple.

What? Why?

I can only do this in small chunks…. tomorrow… more…

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