What God cares about

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A Keynote slide i use in my speeches. Which begs the question here – what is the silver bullet for religion?


Ok. We can probably find disagreement (which improves understanding) by process of elimination.

Does God care where we worship? i’m sticking with no. Going to Church doesn’t prove anything to God.

God only cares that we love. Yes. And by love, we embellish and lavish every good word that is associated with love: compassion, forgiveness, hope, passion, faith, gratitude, caring, respect, empathy, evangelization (through good deeds, not speeches), joy, humility, strength, etc, etc.

God only cares that we allow ourselves to be loved. Yes. If we only love, we will dry up. If we only allow ourselves to be loved, we are selfish. To love and be loved – God is Love – give it and receive it. Breathe in, breathe out.




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