Not trying to change your mind

Jeremy Camp tragedy
This is Jeremy Camp’s story. It was in losing the love of his life at 23 and “still believing” that intrigued me to buy his album. That song (and album) strengthened my belief.

Not trying to change your mind. Trying to offer you a legitimate option for your spiritual and emotional core.

Had a revelation yesterday while listening to the Jeremy Camp song, My Father’s Arms, at the gym. What if your Dad is no longer living. What if your Mom is also gone.

What if you are desperate for a trusted, loving, compassionate soul to talk to?

i challenge you to listen to this Jeremy Camp album and not see how the lyrics point to the only thing i know of (from 60 years on our planet) that will comfort you in the deepest and darkest life moments.

Here’s the short story of the title track. It wasn’t going to be on the album…

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