Praying StudioPress has an easy fix and quick apology

StudioPress support ticket
StudioPress support ticket


(Hoping in three months when this goes live, the issue is resolved…below is what i submitted on Oct 21, 2016)

First, greetings from Orlando and Disney. Hope you are having a really good day.

Second, this issue has been happening daily for years and I’ve simply resigned myself to accept it, until yesterday when a client (a website builder) told me it frustrated them.

Have been posting daily blogs for 7+ years and use photos in literally every post (13k posts…for real)…anyway, the only way to read the photo description (and see the entire photo) on any mobile device is to move the phone to landscape instead of portrait. In portrait (which is the default for most of us), the photo and text description are cut off.

i use the Prose theme, am a plugin minimalist, and always install WordPress updates within 48 hrs of release. I use Apple products, including Safari as my browser to write all posts. The issue even happens on my iPhone 7 Plus.

i have 5 daily, differently-themed, daisy-chained WordPress blogs…please start here:

My client convinced me to reach out to you. Thanks. jeff noel 😃

Update 90 days later: Never heard back. Recently switched to the WordPress default theme, WordPress 2017, and no longer use StudioPress. The issue is solved.




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