Sunday Is What You Make It

A Broken Back, A Broken Soul
A Broken Back, A Broken Soul

And so is every other day.

Today’s preparations include the usual:

  • Wake up early
  • On my knees in prayer
  • Coffee
  • Check email
  • LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube, Facebook checks
  • Write five blogs
  • Practice the first reading

We leave in less than an hour, and by 9:00AM, I’ll be standing in front of nearly 1,500 Parishioners at Holy Family Catholic Church.

As a Lector (reader), I will speak God’s Holy Word to them. It’s over in less than two minutes.

It may be the only scripture they hear all week.

Can you comprehend this?

All week.

This is all they’ll get.

Sunday is what you make it.

And so is every moment of every day.

By jeff noel

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