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Business trip
A 12:45 PM departure was perfect.


work life balance speaker
Non-stop to Chicago Midway, with time to read the inflight magazine (the wifi didn’t work).


Chicago skyline
From my aisle seat.


Church tagline
This made me smile (and relax). Great karma at the venue.


Church tagline
Our world is a busy, distracted place. Another great karma sign as i entered the venue seating.


Naperville Church
Big Church.


Doug and Pam Lipp were gracious hosts. The Naperville Chamber of Commerce has a big team of energetic people (many whom i spoke with), led by a passionate and visionary CEO, Nicki Anderson.

Doug and i both speak about Disney.

The reality is we are potential competitors.

But after watching Doug do his signature Keynote as well as a VIP “deeper dive facilitation”, we really aren’t in the same arena.

What we offer is different enough that the world gets two great choices.

• • • • •

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