The unexpected joy from boring

Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park – discovering high-mountain lakes is a joyful surprise. Always.

The unexpected joy from being boring.


When you do not need fancy events, things, people or stimulants to get you excited, you have conquered common and pervasive temptation.

Being boring opens your world to get high on anything and everything around you.

We paused our Exploding Kittens game last night with the patio door open and got high on a Whipporwill serenade.

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Dear Heavenly Father, please keep the devil off my back

Lifebridge Church Windermere
There is much to be gained from reading word for word, and much to be lost.


Lifebridge Church Windermere
Saying a lot in a short period of time is way more difficult than it seems.


Lifebridge Church Windermere
So challenging to meet the listening needs of a diverse audience, including the diversity of where people sit (for example, we sat in the last row).


When you hope a teenager is inspired and they tell you honestly they aren’t – it’s time for Grace and time for being non-judgemental (of the speaker).

“Maybe they asked him last night to fill in, or maybe only a few days ago. Maybe he doesn’t speak often.”

Resist the temptation to judge.

Resist at all costs.

Don’t. Do. It.

Critiquing a speaker for me is the same as a chef visiting a restaurant when they’re hungry. It’s literally impossible to not make a judgement with the first bite of every food item on her plate – she can’t help herself, it’s in her blood. It’s automatic. And human.

It’s instinctual to help us survive.

Should i spit this out because it’s awful?

Do i want to come back because it’s so amazing?


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Repetitive and boring are part of the package

onion volcanoes at Disney japanese restaurant
How many onion volcanoes does he make a day (week, month, year, career)?


Repetitive and boring are part of the package.

Sun comes up.

Sun goes down.

We don’t pray one time and expect it to last forever.

Would we be better off praying everyday?

Anything we do every single day is at risk of being boring and mundane.

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