Come to the surface of yourself

Upper center, a beautiful Hawk in our backyard tree. What you can’t see is the limp squirrel hanging from its talon.
The Hawk dropped the squirrel. Went in for a closer inspection. Spend enough time in nature and it’s crystal clear, nature is beautiful. Nature is also brutal. Most of us don’t want to think about it. At all.
Predators generally attack their prey’s throat as the easiest and quickest way to subdue the prey. While this can be viewed as a disturbing photo, think about how brutal a lifetime of slow and steady, spiritual (or physical and mental) neglect is. Yet we don’t bat an eye at how disturbing that is.

Come right to the surface of yourself.


When you publicly demonstrate your deepest gratitude, we see the real core, not the facade.

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Enlightenment comes and goes as it pleases

WPS HS commons courtyard
Sitting in solitude this second week in February, noticing the barren trees.


WPS HS commons courtyard
The Orlando wind-chill made it feel like Winter at approx 50 degrees. Only a matter of weeks before barren reveals the beautiful truth of Winter – the promise of Spring.


Enlightenment comes and goes as it pleases. Often, excellent conditions are right in front of us, even though it seems distant or non-existent.

Couldn’t find attribution for this, but enjoyed discovering it on Facebook while sitting on a High School bench:

The brutal truth?

The beautiful truth?

After 56 years on this planet, a very nice paradox to transform the way i think about honesty, feedback, and coaching.





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