Please Pray For This Family

Please pray for this Family. There’s a very special Family in mind, and you most likely don’t know them, but also most likely, you know someone just like them.

A year ago today, in what was simply another ordinary day for this Family, the phone rang that night.

“Your daughter has been in an accident”.

Their precious daughter was severely injured and she was not expected to make it through the injuries.

Somehow she did.

But in a fate most of us can’t even remotely comprehend, nine days later, she unexpectedly passed.

To go to the edge of the cliff, then pulled back from it, and then to suddenly plunge unexpectedly over, breaks my heart to think about.

In a CaringBridge update yesterday, I was reminded of this “anniversary”, and will honor their request to never miss an opportunity to tell my son or my wife, “I love you”.