Can It Change In An Instant?

Snapped This Photo Four Days Ago In NC
Snapped This Photo Four Days Ago In NC

Ever have those routine moments when life is just kind of cruising along on auto-pilot? It happens most of the time, right? We go to work, come home, eat dinner, etc.

I was in Toronto and North Carolina all week, and extra-anxious to be home. And it was dusk as my son and I were pulling into our neighborhood.

A group of neighbors were gathered halfway down the entrance road. I rolled the window down, “Do you need any help?”. “She fell off the golf cart, we’re okay for now”, my neighbor said. The flashing lights pulling in behind us told me to keep moving.

Then last night, a neighbor says her skull is fractured in a couple places, with bleeding on her brain. She’s 12, I think.

Told you all of that to ask you this: Would you please consider lifting this young girl up in prayer? She and her Family needs the comfort and peace that only comes from a tribe of prayerful people.

PS. It would also help to pray for the boy that was driving the golf cart.