Good Answer, But A Day Late


Ever find yourself coming up with a much better answer, about a day late?

Last night, after returning from a long, 3-day speaking trip to Oregon, and following a dip in the pool, we were enjoying my wife’s home-cooked meal.

We were getting caught up, the way many Families do, where frequent travel is part of the landscape.

Cheryl asked me the highlight of the trip. She knows how much joy there is in giving your all to an eager and appreciative audience – it’s my standard answer because it’s so predictably true.

But that wasn’t what she was asking.

So I shared two highlights: The morning sunrise next to Mount Bachelor. Didn’t see the sun until 90-minutes after it rose, so I watched the sunrise move slowly down the mountain, until Mount Bachelor was engulfed in the sun’s heavenly warmth.

And there was the breathtaking 40-mile drive south of Bend, through the majestic Ponderosa Pine Forests, to the Newberry National Volcanic Monument to see the Big Obsidian Lava Flow, and the hour-long hike over the broken obsidian, and white and grey pumice.

But then this morning, while riding the lawn mower, the epiphany.

The highlight of the trip was really the part where I missed her the most.

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