Patience is the greatest asset

Facebook Business Page name change request
Will take up to three days to process.


Facebook Business Page name change request
It didn’t even take three hours.


Patience is the greatest asset. At least when it comes to staying physically active and well. And when it come to parenting too.

Some things are so obvious, we forget they are true.

And powerful.


Patience is a virtue.




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When do we stop discovering the basics?

Two Bald Eagles near Walt Disney World
Yesterday from the back porch, two American Bald Eagles.


Can we soar even though meek?

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

Being gentle and patient is a wise investment, even if it doesn’t seem so.

Kinda like when we discover that in giving, we receive.

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Brilliant Insight Is Baseline Common Sense

Why does this bear show up everywhere I go?

This experiment with presenting the insight instead of allowing you to figure it out allows me to feel frightened and hopeful. Frightened the insight may not stick. Hopeful it may become even more valuable.

Timeless insight: On Earth, paradox, like oxygen, is plentiful.

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