As i sit and write, who’s busier?

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From here, only a 7.5-mile walk to the “hotel”.


As i sit and write, who’s busier?

The small rugged room is filling with people who are chatting with other hikers, yet they themselves are hurrying along – they spend less than 24 hours in this most beautiful setting.


Because they are busy getting on to the next stop.

All of them.

One night and then dust in the wind.

Then there’s the guy with his laptop, intentionally distancing himself the others, shunning the small talk.


He has work to do.

We can bet a few may feel sorry for the person who can’t get away from his laptop. (i’d be tempted to think that if the roles were reversed)

And i smile and remind myself (to shed any temptation for personal guilt) i’m at work.

The purpose here in Glacier National Park isn’t to escape, it’s to work.

How glorious is that?

The conversing i get to do happens later in the day when today’s work is done.



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